Tuesday, May 6, 2008


My last post prompted a couple of people to ask my views on welfare. So here goes...
I completely disagree with all aspects of our welfare system as I know it. Mind you, I only know welfare as it is in Maine and New Hampshire, so it could be different elsewhere.

I find it very frustrating to see a healthy mother and father in a household who get money for free from our system and complain that "It is so hard to get by." They have their childcare paid for 100% for 40 hours per week, their child's health insurance 100% covered, their housing subsidized... their food subsidized. Yet these same people can drive a new car while I drive one that is 10 years old... they can afford cable tv, internet, nail salons, etc. It is an insane system that means my family pays a rediculous amount in taxes and therefore has less for our own family.

I think the same hold true for our social security & Section 8 systems. How can it possibly be that I have paid into a system every week since I was 15 years old and will not get anything back from that investment when I retire... yet there are people who have reaped the benefits without working a day in their life because they have a 'bad back'? I am a firm believer that most people in this society can contribute to our earth in some way and hold a paying job. I have personally worked with many disabled people in my life, whether it be mental or physical disability. I know that both of the jobs I hold could easily be handled by many or most people that live off the social security system.

I certainly believe that there is a time & place where people need help... Some families are struck with a sudden illness where the bread winner is no longer able to bring in income, or a fire might destroy everything that a family has. In these situations, I feel that it is my place as a good citizen and caring person to step in and help wherever necessary. This is when the community should provide help & support. But for those people that just simple live every day of their life not trying to provide for themselves or their families, not trying to support their community or better their lives or those around them, I think it is a shame and it is a shame for those of us who pick up their slack.

Thats how I feel on the issue.

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  1. Wow Michele,
    I don't think I could agree with you more, I couldn't have worded that well either!