Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We had a pretty mellow weekend here. Lots of yard work, I had 10 yards of loam delivered last week so we have moved lots of dirt! Colby loves it! I have planted almost all that I am going to plant for the year, my poor body just isn't cooperating at this point, but all my gardens look good, so that is fine. Now I just have to keep watering everything I planted. Not to jinx anything, but we have gotten no rain in the last 3 weeks. I could really use some rain here to help with these plants, especially so I can plant grass where we laid the loam.

I only have 10 weeks to go before baby girl #3 arrives. It is coming so quick. I suppose I should give up and stop wearing my jeans now! I did have to buy myself a new bathing suit, as I will inevitably have to take the girls swimming at some point. Now THAT is a nightmare, if you think that swimsuit shopping normally is hell on your self image... try doing it when you are pasty white AND had a recent rapid weight gain... ouch! But I found some cute board swim shorts that cover some of the worst areas pretty well.

But, it is all worth this little angel that we will soon meet...

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  1. you'll always be a beauty. and there's nobody else i'd rather spread loam for...xoxoxo