Friday, May 2, 2008

Up at 4:30am, off to work. Return home around 7:30 just in time to get Ariana ready & off to school. Annika & I packed up and went off to the grocery store- I had my best coupon shopping trip yet, my total bill was $80 and I paid $29!!! Great job, Michele.

Annika & I returned home & I had a lot of cleaning to do, it never ends. Then we had our treat of the day when Danielle & Josie stopped over to keep us company. Lots of great conversation, good lunch, tea, and plenty of wrangling Annika away from poor baby Josie.

After Danielle & Josie departed, I took a few minutes to upload pics from the day & marvel at Josie's beautiful eyes. Put a pic of her on my photo blog. I hope to take a good amount of pictures of her in the near future when we have the opportunity to go out into the sunshine.

I posted a comment online on an article that I read in my hometown newspaper. The response fired back at me was quite negative around my insensitivity to people in Section 8 housing/ on welfare. I don't think anything will ever reverse me feelings developed from personal experience & people in the welfare system.

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  1. So what are your views on people on welfare anyways???