Sunday, May 25, 2008

Smokers Faux Pas

As I had a few spare minutes the other day when Annika was with Kelly, I decided to grab a sub & sit on Main Street & do some nice, quiet people watching (something I rarely have time for). The downtown in Concord New Hampshire is very different than the one in Littleton. I would guess it stems from being the Capital. If you watch the people here at lunch time, it is a very business-type atmosphere. A lot of the men are in suits, and if not, at least a shirt & tie. A majority of the women are in heels, whether it is with dresses or suits. There are numerous political offices on Main Street, as well as banks, lawyers offices, etc. that would account for this dress code.

With that said, I watched a lady in her sleek black suit & matching high heels coming towards me. I noticed that she was smoking a cigarette... when will people ever learn???? I looked around & noticed there were no sorts of ash trays outside these businesses. Who would blame them though, they are an eye sore and very stinky. I would not want to be the employee in charge of cleaning one of those nasty things.

And then, to my astonishment, before she entered the bank, she put the butt on the ground! Surely this woman has some sort of education! Would she just throw a candy wrapper down on the sidewalk??? I am sure she walks these streets everyday, doesn't she see how gross it is to look down & see that waste on the ground? I think smoking is a personal freedom & everyone should be allowed that choice. BUT... it is people like this who really taint the vision I have of smokers. I have an awful coffee habit, but you wouldn't see me throwing my coffee cup on the ground!

Have a little respect!

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  1. Word! Probably one of my worst pet peeves! Especially when they're tossed out of cars on the highway! The world is their ashtray, the sky is a landfill. Should be punishable with lashings.