Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Is This What I Want to Teach My Daughter????

I saw this new book for children explaining why mommy is getting plastic surgery!!!!

Illustrations show a crook-nosed mom with loose tummy skin under her half shirt picking up her young daughter early from school one day and taking her to a strapping and handsome "Dr. Michael."

Mom explains she is going to have operations on her nose and tummy and may have to take it easy for a week or so. The girl asks if the operations will hurt, and mom replies, "Maybe a little," warning she will look different after the bandages come off.
The girl asks: "Why are you going to look different?"
Mom responds: "Not just different, my dear — prettier!"

As a mom of 2 (soon to be 3) little girls, I find this so sad! I am constantly trying to tell my 7 year old that looks don't matter. But since age five, she has worried about weight, looks, clothes.... everything & anything superficial.

And to think that there are women out there giving their daughters the impression that they need to look "prettier"! AHHHHH!!! It is unthinkable to me... I was devastated when my daughter questioned why I "need" to wear make-up... I never used the word 'pretty' or 'make me look better', I chose my words carefully and decided to tell her it was just for the fun of it, just like when she plays dress up.

What is this world coming to?


  1. The author was probably a man. Patriarchy at it again. geesh.

    Did we really expect anything less?

  2. I meant more...not less...this is as low as they can go. my goodness.