Friday, April 11, 2008

Cravings & Brinner

Colby had to make his first run last night to get the ingredients for my insatiable craving... a root beer float. And it was sooo yummy!!! What a great guy, he even had to endure falling in out moat on the way out of our house.

Also, on a food note, (since that's where my thought's are constantly) we watched Scrubs last night and had to laugh out loud at a term they coined for having breakfast for dinner... Brinner. Brinner is very popular in our house, Ariana will ask for it specifically if she has been a good girl and Colby will cheer when he walks in the house & smells that unmistakable scent wafting around. And now, instead of saying we are having breakfast for dinner... we can just steal a scene from Scrubs & call it Brinner!

1 comment:

  1. Flooded again huh? Maybe this time I will fill it with fish!

    Scrubs... what a great show