Friday, April 4, 2008

April Showers

So, it is April 4th and I am sitting here eating my cereal watching the snow fall! Damn it all. It is truly the endless winter and I am sick of it. It is cold, dreary, cloudy, my yard is flooded (and will continue to be for the next couple of weeks), my poor girls haven't played outside for more than a few minutes in weeks. I feel for those who are prone to depression, because these days are certain to strike a bad chord with them.

I received a lot of congratulations over the last couple of days for the new baby girl. Everyone has a giggle over the fact that Colby is cursed with a third little girl. Isolde and I lamented about 3 little girls with proms, dating, birth control, tattoos, piercings, colleges, wedding.... AHHHHH!!!!

I have had a gingersnap craving the last couple of days and have eaten almost a whole box! They are so great with a big cup of cold milk... yum! I have also started nesting. I cleaned all of my kitchen chairs with a toothbrush, cleaned and organized under my kitchen sink (threw out so much crap it is now half empty under there!), started organizing all the hand-me-downs to see what I already have for baby girl #3... It feels so invigorating to accomplish small tasks like that.

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