Monday, November 12, 2007

Maine & Smelt Camps

Sorry I didn't post all weekend... I went on a trip to Maine to my cousin Eldie's wedding. The wedding was beautiful, as was his bride.

I also got to meet up with my friend Jen while in Maine. We hung out for 4 hours & it seemed to fly by. It probably is due to the fact that Jen is such an amazing, fun, hysterical chic to be around. She is one of those women that other women look to in admiration & envy. She's a wonderful person, her smiles radiates, and she just brings joy to those around her.

One of the things that we laughed at over good beers (served by the ever-adorable Matt Wing) was 'smelting'. As I sat on the toilet in the ladies room- I dutifully read the events calendar placed in front of me on the wall... on the last day of November it said "Smelt camps will be here soon!"

As I got back to the bar, I asked Jen if she knew what the end of November brought... "Uh, yeah, smelting... I read the calendar too."

We giggled & pondered the legitimacy of 'smelting' and how it became a holiday to be marked on calendars in Maine bathrooms. Matt gave us his two cents... and it seems as though it is not really about fishing at all. You apparently only go into a smelt camp for...
a: playing poker
b: getting drunk
c: having sex
d: all or a combination of the above

I was particularly curious about 'c'... doesn't your tush get cold on the ice? "You do it on the bunk" Matt replied, seemingly taken back by my ignorance on the subject. "Well, I have never been in one." I had to defend myself.

Ahhh, Maine.

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