Friday, November 30, 2007

Soccer Mom Syndrome

So I volunteered to usher at Ariana's Holiday Dance Spectacular... I received an email yesterday stating that I needed to "dress festively". "Festively"? My mind rushed back 15 years to high school when the junior & senior girls wore sweaters with Christmas trees on them. Ewww! I don't think I own anything festive!

I went to a meeting last night to go over my responsibilities as an usher. Another brave mom asked for an explanation of "festive". "Oh, you know, sequins & glittery." Sequins & glitter? Great, now I am stuck between a sweater circa 1990 & a 50 year old ladies New Years Eve attire! Do I look like I own sequin clothes????

I rushed to the mall after the meeting. There was lots of festivewear to be found... but can I really bring myself to wear any of it? I know that when I show up at the spectacular tomorrow, the other moms will be dresses in their festive gear... (the moms who show up for every dance class in their sweater, slacks & high heels). What do I do??? I still haven't decided what to wear.

So, Tiff... although it is not in any parenting book and our mothers don't warn us... I will tell you: Some day, shortly after you become a soccer mom, you will receive notice that you need to show up somewhere "dressed festively". Start to prepare yourself now so that you are not caught off guard as I was!

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