Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My ITunes

I know you have always wondered... pondered... speculated... "Exactly whay does Michele have on her ITunes?"
Well, I have just over one thousand songs. I have everything from Johnny Cash to the Wiggles to Elvis. As I looked at my ITunes today, I realized that I have every song for a reason... and most for very good reasons. As I look at my top played songs, I can see exactly where they came from & why...

KT Tunstall- Black Horse & Cherry Tree: I saw her as an unknown artist on the Today Show on January 20, 2006. I really like her but could not get her music because she wasn't released in the US yet. It wasn't until about 1 month later that she became available.

Johnny Cash- God's Gonna Cut You Down: I heard this on my very good friend, Nate's myspace page & immediately downloaded it, thank you, Nate.

Ray Lamontagne- Ray takes up the next couple of spots: My wonderful friend Tabatha introduced me to his music & took me to see him live when I was 4 months pregnant with my daughter, Annika.

Coolio, Gangsta's Paradise: Reminds me of my friend, Tiffany. Quite amusing if you know Tiffany.

Slightly Stoopid- Collie Man: I discovered them myself on Itunes, but last year, on a girls vacation in Mexico, I discovered that my great friend Isolde also like them. So now I think of her when I listen to them.

So, for me, all of my music holds meaning... and now you know whats on my ITunes.

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