Wednesday, November 7, 2007

From the NY Times... honestly.

Toy With Date-Rape Drug Recalled

Published: November 7, 2007
HONG KONG, Wednesday, Nov. 7 — A bead toy that just won an Australian Toy of the Year award was recalled by its manufacturer on Tuesday after media reports that a chemical in it turns into a powerful date-rape drug, GHB, when eaten.

Moose Enterprise, based in East Bentleigh, Australia, recalled the toy, called Bindeez, after at least two children became sick and at least one was hospitalized after eating the beads. Moose said it had found that some batches did not match the company’s approved formula.

The beads are listed as being manufactured by the company’s Hong Kong division. Virtually no toy manufacturing is done in Hong Kong these days. Almost all companies subcontract the work to low-wage businesses across the border in mainland China.

State governments across Australia began ordering mandatory recalls for the toy, which is available on eBay for buyers around the world.

Moose said it was investigating how unauthorized materials ended up in the beads. The company said it would add a safe but foul-tasting ingredient to future beads to discourage children from eating them.

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